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Acad Borland C++ Builder 6 Pro Scholar (Win)     $101.59
Acad C# Builder Architect (Win)     $404.61
Acad C++Builder V6.0 Ent (win)     $405.68
Acad C++Builder X Developer CRom (win)     $203.45
Acad C++Builder X Enterprise CRom (win)     $500.38
Acad CodeWright 7.0 for .NET Single user CD     $39.48
Acad Delphi 8 Professional for NET Framework (win)     $103.94
Acad Borland Delphi 8 for the Microsoft .NET Framework Architect Edition (win)     $400.33
Acad Enterprise Studio for C++ - Lab/Student Use     $995.26
Acad Interbase 7.1 Server Lic W/Media IT / Admin Use (win/sol/lin)     $164.40
Acad Interbase 7.1 Server Lic Media Kit / Research Use only CD     $104.48
Delphi8 Studio Architect UPG From Delphi 3-6 CDRom (Win)     $1,512.56
Acad JBuilder X Developer (V10) Win/Lin/Sol     $105.01
Acad JBuilder X Enterprise (V10) Win/Lin/Sol     $401.40
Acad Delphi V7.0 Architect (Win)     $401.40
Acad Optimizeit Profiler v.1.1     $144.07
Acad Optimizeit Profiler 6 Windows/Linux/Solaris     $104.48
Acad Optimizer Suite 6 win/lin/sol     $302.43
Acad Interbase 7.1 Server Lic W/Media IT Win/Sol/Lin     $164.40
C++BuilderX Enterprise     $2,593.83
Borland C++Builder 6 Pro (Win)     $1,010.21
Borland C++Builder 6 Standard (Win)     $74.57
Borland CodeWright 7.5 (Win)     $292.28
Borland Kylix Enterprise (Linux OS)     $2,014.44
Borland Kylix Professional (Linux OS)     $255.95
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